Geplaatst op: 13-08-2021

Dinsdag 10 augustus DiZeBra

It was a warm evening, with not so much wind. Started with a pleasant surprise, a distinctly coloured OK by the slip suggested Johan was here, with the news that he’d decided to put down roots and join as a member. Not so pleasant was the discovery of a semi open flask of water in my sailing kit which gave the unusual experience of drying out over the evening sailing.

I’ve hardly sailed any races over the last 2 year, so suddenly I’m nervous on the start of a Tuesday night, tonight this quickly passed. 2 minutes to go “It’s too busy here”, 1 minute to go “I’m not going to get there”. So it was a case of dig myself out after the start, tack away behind the second row singlehanders and hit the right corner. Which went really well. At the top mark just ahead of the pack with the FD round first, us then a Finn (Gerard) and Lasers on our heels. We sail out on the asymmetric in clear air but everyone on the run has rights on us so we need to get some space to have a clear crossing. RS500s are following us, going low and looking dangerous as they catch a gust. Eventually looks okay to gybe and cross ahead of Gerard, gybe on the other side, look back, big gap now, can relax a bit, maybe there was a good shift for us. The rest of the race is a tactical play with the FD, both boats are travelling the same speed round the course tonight but with different speeds and angles. The FD finishes with line honours on starboard with us popping behind him to get to the line a couple of seconds later.

Time for the second race, and that means we switch and Sijbrand helms – a system we came up with years ago, if we don’t have another RS400 to sail against and copy we better learn from each other. Who is faster? Better to keep the marriage safe! This evening it is Sijbrand who wins the family competition and pips the FD to the post after 2 laps of close encounters, this time the rest of the fleet look well behind.

A warm and (now) dry evening to sail back to the harbour. We were pleased with how we sailed but impossible to tell results on the handicap. Renan was already there with the Micro550 winning the Kajuit boats. It was a good evening for boats Phil Morrison had a hand in designing, to our surprise we take the nachtkaars home for the open boats, with Marleen in the Solo in second and Johan (OK) in third.

Elaine Turner (& Sijbrand Jongejans)

RS400 864

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